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Radio Station Mgr. Held Dj @ Gunpoint

Saturday, October 25, 2008 MANAGER HOLDS ME AT GUN POINT WHILE ON THE AIR Yea it was the spring of 1983 while doing mid-days at a station in Western North carolina. The station was WONO in Black Mountan we were a HOT 100/ Top 40 station still playing 45s, Well to tell you the truth i had made a few phone calls back to my mothers house to check on things with her and my father who lived some 40 miles from Black Mountain.

And at that end of the weeks payroll, the owner and i had discussed the fact of taking the monies out of my payroll as a duduction which was amere $6.00 so i thought we were in agreement and we both agreedand said ok.

Well about half- way through my air- shift i get this ringy dingy from the owner he said he wasnt pleased with what we had discussed and he was real angry, and of course by this time he had a few beers and was yaking pretty well he continued to be the same old song and dance discussion and he just kept calling and giving me a hard time. So the last time he called i just hung up the phone and tried to concentrates on my shift.

Well this is when he got really went crazy, he walked into the contol room and said Dave get out of my Radio station with the gun poined right at me.

As you would have imagined i said yes sir yes sir and got out of there in a nervous wreck you would just have to have been there it was crazy !

Well i didnt press charges i just went over to the morning mans house and we turned on the radio and he was on the air drunk as a skunk just blabering a few things and just mostly segueing 45's and reading the weather.

Well to say the least it was a real crazy day for me like no other !

Thanks for your time !

God Bless

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